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Pilot Mr European Availability Of F Nib


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Hey everyone,


I am planning to buy a Pilot MR in Greece. One seller told me that european MRs (Metropolitan) have only M nib and the international cartridge system. Another one told me that I can order MR in F nib as they are not available at this point in his store. I am seeking the truth! I'm afraid that I will buy a F MR but the cartridges will be the Pilot's propietary ones. What's the truth about european MRs and nib sizes?

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> I still don't get an answer


What did your! Google research find?


Why don't you ask Pilot directly?

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The safe assumption is that it is as documented: M nib and Pilot proprietary cartridge/converter


If it were available anywhere with an F nib, I'd expect that place to be in Japan itself. Though I do find one site listing both F and M... http://pilotpen.us/categories/fountain-pens/mr-metropolitan-fountain-pen/ -- using Pilot cartridges.

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Apparently there are two versions, because the US site (including the pdf) clearly says, it uses Pilot Cartridges "Cartridge Type: Proprietary".

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I asked many local retailers here in Greece and everyone told me only M nib for the MR. Metropolitan takes the pilot's proprietary cartridges, not available in Europe stationary shops

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Can you shop at Amazon Japan or US or Germany? Or perhaps someone here has a favourite Japanese shop to order. It is not so expensive.


Cartridges: Codes

Black: IRF-12S-B
Blue-Black: IRF-12S-BB
Red: IRF-12S-R

Why don't you buy one set of the cartridges above and a syringe or a spoid and refill the cartridges when they are empty.


Pilot Ink - very cheap and good - same as in the cartridges

Blue-Black: 350ml code: INK350BB

Black: 350ml code: INK350B

Red: 350ml code: INK350R


Search Google with the codes - you might find a shop in Greece.

Rakuten Global Market (sends from Japan) also has them: https://global.rakuten.com/en/search/?tl=505591&k=Pilot%20ink&l-id=search_regular

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