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Cult Pens: Pelikan Price Increase !


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Pelikan FP prices have increased within the last 2 days by varying %.


The M805 Stresemann has gone from £300 to £329 and M1000 from £357 to £393.

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Yes, but you receive a free bottle of Edelstein ink if you spend 150 or more on Pelikan products... Whoopee...

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You guys are lucky. The new US price list for an M600 with EF says $595 :yikes: :lticaptd:

With a little timing and some eBay-fu you could buy a MB 149 AND a MB 146 for that amount...

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It's a sad state of affairs when you can buy an M1000 from overseas cheaper than you can buy an M600 in the USA.

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Yeah, know what you mean. I have to import everything as none of the "higher end" pens are available in SA. But then I import from the UK normally as pricing in the USA is absolutely insane. (Well, on European/UK products)

What I have also found is that Courier services from the UK are substantially cheaper than from the States as well and in some cases, free, depending on the purchase value.

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