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Anybody Ever Buy An 18K Solid Gold Clip From Nakaya?


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Just curious. I was thinking about buying one to put on my Neo Standard Shiro-Tamenuri. If it adds a noticeable amount of heft to the pen and gleams in that eye-catching way that solid gold does, then I might be crazy enough do it. But if it pretty much indistinguishable from the plated version, then I'll pass.


Anyone have any experience with them?

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Huh. Do you know if they can retro-fit them, as one of my Nakayas (the only one with a clip) is pitted something tragic...

Too many pens; too little writing.

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I am pretty sure they can. I know they can exchange roll stoppers and clips, so I don't know of any reason they couldn't switch in one of these.

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Nakaya clips are easily removed and can be changed with other Nakaya clips or with Nakaya roll stops.  When I get back home Tuesday I can post pictures of how the clip is installed and removed, if that will help you.

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Nakaya Clip and Roll Stop Assembly



Here are two Nakaya Portable Writers, one with a clip and the other a roll stop.  The method by which they are attached are identical, and I will try to show that with a few pictures






There is a slot head screw that is inside the cap and extends through a hole in the cap.  A finial is screwed onto this screw.  The finial can be screwed pretty tight.  To remove it, I usually hold the finial with a piece of waffled rubber sheet my wife uses to remove tight jar lids and insert a long thin screwdriver blade into the cap to engage the slot in the screw and twist the screw head counter clockwise.







Once the finial is free, the screw can be removed from the cap or left in place.  The clip or roll stop have a 90 degree bend and there is a round hole in the 90 degree flat section that slides over the screw.  This is not threaded on - it simply slips over the screw and can be easily removed.






Reassembly is done by reversing the steps with one big caution.  There is a small slot milled in the cap where the bent part of the clip or roll stop passes around the edge of the cap.  Care must be used to ensure the clip/roll stop seats properly in this milled area.  Tolerances are fairly tight here.  If the seating is not proper, the finial will not seat properly, or worse yet the tightening could chip the corner of this milled area.





So to reassemble, insert the screw through the cap, place the clip over the screw, position it carefully in the milled slot on the cap, begin to thread the finial in place, then use the screw driver to tighten the screw, again making certain the clip stays aligned in the milled slot.  This is not a test of strength!  The finial will stay in place fine without too much torque being applied.  


That's all there is to it!    I hope you found this helpful.














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