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Help Identify Limited Edition Waterman Ideal Ballpoint Pen Model


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Hi All


I'm new to this forum and would very much appreciate if you could help me to obtain any details about this vintage Waterman Ideal ballpoint pen that has been given to me by my father in law amongst many other pens when he was clearing out his house prior to sale.

(1) Appears to be a limited edition, the number of the pen is 829 of 2000
(2) it shows Waterman 'Ideal' on the card and case.
(3) Most likely purchased in the 80s. My father in law is Japanese but lived in France on business in the 80s. There is a chance that the pen was purchased in Japan.
(4) The pen is of solid weight, it weights exactly 40g.
Please could anyone help me to specify the model, year, what materials it's made out of and anything special about the pen? I've spent a lot of time on google, ebay and other websites and couldn't the same pen.
I'm thinking of using this pen on the assumption that it is worth anything up to £150, but if it will turn up that the pen is ultra rare and highly valuable I may reconsider this.
I can provide more pictures if required.
Many thanks



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