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Visconti Homo Sapiens Leaking From Center Band


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My Homo Sapiens Bronze Age has always been a little problematic - prone to hard starts, skipping, and also ironically gushing and burping into the cap - but now it's developed a new problem that renders it all but unusable: It's got a slow leak at the center band on the body. Ink seeps from the bottom of the band, under the letter H in Homo Sapiens, spreads all the way around the bottom of the band, and then starts to spread slowly down the body of the pen. I can clean the body and the band thoroughly, but holding any kind of absorbent material to the band shows new ink seeping from under the H, and in a matter of minutes enough ink spreads around the bottom of the band to stain fingers when handling the pen. It's become a pen that cannot be uncapped without staining the fingers.


Couple of questions: Is this a "known problem" that others have experienced? Is there really a seam of some sort at the band on the body that ink could be coming through? Any ideas for investigating/fixing the problem?



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Get in touch with Cole’s of London and arrange for repairs. That sounds like the filler has sprung a leak within and the band is the thinnest point, so the leak seeps out there as the path of least resistance. The other issues are all symptoms of air getting into the system where it shouldn’t.

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