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Noodler 4.5Oz Replacement Droppers

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I found a couple 4.5 ounce bottles of Noodler's ink with droppers in which the rubber bulb has dried up and cracked. The ink is still good. Does anyone know a good place to find appropriately sized bulbs alone or dropper caps of the right size and length?

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I would do a Google search for places that sell Boston round bottles. I can't remember where I ordered mine from but a few years ago, I needed bottles to decant a couple of very large capacity bottles of vintage ink (one full 8 oz. bottle and one 3/4 full pint bottle) into. I priced out several different companies to see where I could get the best deal without having to buy in bulk, and for the 4 oz. bottles I bought eyedropper caps.

If you're getting the caps, you would need to know the the size, which may be listed as a ratio number (which I think might be a combination of the diameter and threading sizes); you may have to contact places and ask how to measure for the right size cap. But if you just want the bulb, I'd ask a pharmacy if you can just buy a new eyedropper and see if the rubber bulb fits the glass part of the eyedropper (I can well believe that Nathan Tardif buys off the shelf stuff so as to not pass price increases along to his customers -- and It occurred to me just now that you could probably contact Noodlers or Luxury Brands to see what they recommend for a replacement).

Hope this helps.

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

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