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Can Anyone Tell Me What Type Of Ballpoint Refill This Is?

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I am trying to find out what type of ballpoint refill this is. All I have is a photo; nobody at the store knew what type of refill it is. I'd like to see if there is a decent brand of refill available that can substitute for this yucky one that comes with the pen. I'd like some color variety, too, if that is possible.


I'm attaching the photo; I've never done this before on this site, so I hope it works.


Thanks to anyone who can help!

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OK, it looks like my photos didn't go through. I'm trying again to add them. One photo of the refill and one photo of the pen it will be used in.


I think I've got it now. I've never posted photos here before.



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A standard mini ballpoint refill will work. Both Lamy and Schmidt sell them. You will need to slide the black piece off of the original, and slide it onto the refill.

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