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Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 Diplomat

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I have a 149 barrel which I believe is from the 70/80's and I want a matching bare cap.

I think I may have found one which has the threaded post on the end to take a screw on snow flake top

which I happen to have.

The present owner of the cap says it's from a Diplomat 149 Meisterstuck.

I wouldn't know if my barrel would be designated a Diplomat barrel so what are the chances my barrel and this mans cap would match?

Only way to find out is to try it I know. Trouble is it's a long way just for this "fitting".


I looked up the Mont Blanc website and there does not appear to be any reference to "Diplomat" there.

Is this label just for the American market and not used in the UK?


I've included a photo of the s/f top I've got which would screw down onto the threaded post on the cap

and hold the clip in place as well.



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Diplomat is more of a nickname vs an official name. I think it may have been used until someone realized MB did not have the rights, but that could be a misrememberance.


If you barrel is from the 1970s or so, then a period cap would have a threaded, integrated post and the cap top would look like the one on your photo.

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