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I have a Matador Click "020" in good condition, except for its nib. This steel nib seems to have had its tines partially clipped off and smoothed, turning it into an awful stub nib. However, I have some hope for this pen. It has a screw-out nib unit, that seems to be similar to Pelikan nib units. Are those compatible? In another question, I have seen this pen with many clips, from a Waterman-style stepped clip, an arrow clip, a normal rectangular clip, all as military clips. Does anyone have any information on how the numbering of the pen relates to these clips, as well as if they have a steel or gold nib?

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I think that the feed collar is bigger in diameter than the Pelikan one. I guess that either Pelikan 100 or 400 nib still could work with the original feed.


I'm not sure about the numbering but have as always my own theory:


x2x - 2 for the Click model

X2x - X for the finish version, higher models like 6xx or 9xx have metal caps, 0 and 1 are the most basic variants with steel nibs and plastic caps, 2 and 4 - plastic caps and gold nibs, 4 has additionally a two tone nib.

x2X - X for the colour code: 0 - black, 1 - grey, 3 - dark blue?, 4 - red, 5 - white.


I'm not sure how the numbers may relate to the clips. However, Clicks were made over several years and the different clips might be the result of modifications in time.


Also, there are at least basically two versions of the piston mounting; the earlier visible two-part and the later with only the turning knob visible.

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