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Greetings Guys,


Below is a link to a full set of pictures and I have downloaded overview shots to this post for general reference.


Detailed photos are here https://imgur.com/a/eTGOAEG


Looking for some ID help, specifically dating with regards to these pens. I believe the big duo fold and the jr are both from the early to mid twenties based upon what I see on Tony's site. I believe the Vacumatic is a 3rd Gen Laminated Golden Brown with a Maxima nib from sometime between '42 and '48, and the new one is a 1998 Centennial. Am I on the right track or am I missing important clues?


I am a long time fountain pen collector and user but a noob to some of this older stuff. With the exception of the Centennial, these were all part of a shoe box I found in my Grandfather's work bench.


Also, you will see that the nib on the Jr is damaged and of course the bladder needs to be replaced. Is the nib repairable and if so, to whom would you have it sent for the work?






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Sounds close to me. Looks like the Vac has a 5 date code so a '45 date would be right for it.


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Thanks, any idea about the who might be able to repair the nib on the Jr?

Probably less expensive to get a nib from five star pens or another source.

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