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Visconti Medici Midi First Impressions.

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Yesterday after UPS taking a week for my pen to travel across the country I finally got my Visconti Medici Midi with Medium nib. I was blown away by the looks. It's very similar in size to my Pelikan M605 that I enjoy. The nib wrote perfectly out of the box with a 0.65mm line width. That is the same width as my Pelikan M805's M nib. It's a very smooth and wet writer without being a gusher. It's just the way I like it. I did have to wash the converter to get it to flow properly but I had to do that with each of the Visconti converters I have. They all flowed perfectly after that. It seems every converter no matter which brand could use a wash with a drop of dish soap or in these cases pen wash. The material has a lot of depth in the sparkles and swirls of color. It's amazing to look in person. It's hard to capture in pictures. I was not so sure about a brown pen but I love it.


I selected the midi size to be an easier carry they my Homo Sapiens which I also love. I had thought about getting the midi sized HS but those having a captured converter would be harder to maintain then this pen with it's screw in standard converter. It's also nice to be able to unscrew the body and check ink level. I feel safe with this pen lasting the test of time even if Visconti for some reason goes they way of Omas.


On the nitpick side, the metal ring at the end of the body where a filling knob would be is not flush with the material. For this price I would have liked to see it feel seamless, but it's not a big deal. Another issue is the laser cut center band details could be a little smoother. Other then that everything is great.


The things people normally worry about with Visconti were not an issue on this pen. The M nib works nicely without putting down a B sized line. It starts ever time it touches paper. Is smooth without baby's bottom. It has a nice spring to the nib.


I am very happy I bought this pen while it was still available.


Here is a quick picture


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I'm amazed by the appearance of the Acrosilk "Briar Effect" resin used for your pen -- much better looking in your photo than on the Visconti website. Really gorgeous pen!

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Certainly a beautiful pen! We've been super happy with some of the upgrades in Visconti this year - glad you're not noticing any writing issues!

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Cost is the biggest issue on these pens. Since all of the midi sized HS and Medici and the non-rose gold maxi Medici are discontinued maybe keep your eyes open for a deal on them.

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The section on the midi size is shorter then on the maxi size. Sometimes I find my thumb pressing on the hook safe area of the barrel and it does not bother me at all. I mostly notice it because it feels different not worse. Most of the time I don't notice it at all. I have medium sized hands. If you have large hands and thick fingers you might like the maxi size better.

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