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Adjusting Lamy Z50 Nib For Lanbitou 3059


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I recently bought a couple of Lanbitou 3029s having read somewhere that the nibs could be swapped out for Lamy Z50 nibs. I wanted to use a piston-filler with a couple of broader nibs.


I'm no nib expert – this is my first nib project – but today I had a go. I slipped out the Lanbitou nib, which was easily accomplished, and slipped on a Lamy Z50 B nib.


It slipped on easily enough, but wobbled when it was in place. It seemed a little too wide to fit, though I couldn't see any real difference between the two nibs. I tried bending in the wings a little with my fingers. No result. I then used a pair of pliers and promptly ruined the nib, which bent along the centre line – the line between the tines – and had to throw it away.


Before I ruin any more nibs, can anyone advise me on how best to deal with this situation?

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I've done the same and just squeeze a little at a time with my cloth padded leatherman tool until I get it tight.


At which angle do you squeeze?

Lined paper makes a prison of the page.

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squeeze the shoulders together just a TOUCH, with a pair of pliers wrapped in electrical tape.

If that doesn't solve it, squeeze the wings themselves upwards a touch.


I've run into the same problem as you. Fixing it was simple, just a little bit of tweaking fixed it.

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