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Refill Method For Webster Skyrocket Ballpoint?


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I know this post is a bit off topic but I'm wondering if anyone knows how the ballpoint refill mechanism worked for the Webster Skyrocket (see photos below). I know that Webster was the in-house brand for Sears, and for this pen the level of engineering on the refill seems really high. It is brass, and the two end pieces are friction fit. The front piece screws into the section (similar to Mont Blanc), and it is pretty heavy.


I tried some eyedropper filling for fun -- wanting to see if the middle section had fiber material. That didn't seem to work -- probably would have required a fiber center piece running through the holes, which isn't there -- so I'm guessing that isn't the design.


Any background on this pen and refill would be much appreciated. I'm inclined to adapt it to take a modern refill, but the brass piece is really unusual and I'd like to know the history of the design.


Thanks much!








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I have a fair collection of vintage ballpoints, but I'm at a loss to understand how all these pieces go together. I've had some luck at 3D printing or otherwise devising adapters to make old ballpoints work with modern refills, but your pictures, good as they are, just don't quite help.



The Moonwalk Pen - honoring Apollo lunar landings

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Thanks John. Good point. The two narrow tube pieces friction fit into the middle brass sleeve when assembled. So like a typical narrow refill with the expanded brass sleeve section in the middle.

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