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Visconti Question

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I just got an HS Elegance and am loving it. Now I am thinking of my next Visconti. I want something that is not a normal C/C but most of the current power fillers only have ink windows on LE models. So I am thinking about some of the older style power fillers that are more like converters. Which models had these and are they any better then standard converters? I would think they would hold less them current power fillers (single or double) and about the same or a little more then the normal converter. I would mostly hope they flow better then standard converters.

I know the opera master black Guilloche and Australian pens like the Barrier Reef have them. I am sure there were other models.

Here is a picture of what I am talking about.



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The Visconti Casanova has a roughly similar system. The barrel can be unscrewed and pulled back to provide visibility of the ink chamber on this power filler.


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