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Hi, From Minnesota! What Do I Have Here?...


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Greetings, from Minnesota!


My name is Matthew, and yesterday i picked up a box of artifacts belonging to a U.S. Army Engineer who served in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Inside the box were many captured Japanese items with one of those items being a pen!


The pen was wrapped up in cardboard with a label "Japanese Pen' written on the outside.


Attached below are some pictures showing what i found.


I'm looking for any information on this pen such as era, construction and if it's anything special.


Thank you,






B2E88A7-B556-4946-BD72-48F5D816C84B by Matthew Stone, on Flickr


42470672965_6f199269a7_b.jpg743B41EE-D249-44B3-A9DC-7C7305D3AB85 by Matthew Stone, on Flickr


42470672165_7b55746de7_b.jpg81178DB0-6D43-4B44-82EC-7F5F48947014 by Matthew Stone, on Flickr


42470671185_d0585f646c_b.jpg720DA50A-F629-46A4-B227-20B71C90A105 by Matthew Stone, on Flickr


43375176991_b0ab47086f_b.jpg51327ABC-EF40-422B-8FB0-7725BCA21F1F by Matthew Stone, on Flickr


43375177371_e4c320da22_b.jpg60C1D3D8-5DCC-464F-9824-2137671A56AE by Matthew Stone, on Flickr



43375177891_efc2077ceb_b.jpg11879090-F10F-4DBF-A904-EE5B008740EE by Matthew Stone, on Flickr


43326330342_0a24c4f3b7_b.jpgBFC372DC-1659-4457-BADA-A748BCF9C564 by Matthew Stone, on Flickr


43375176561_4b64ec4e94_b.jpg004A72CE-E85F-48A9-A94E-79AEBB6AE112 by Matthew Stone, on Flickr

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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a member!! Wow great find! Can't help with the brand. You may want to post over in the Japan-Asia sub forum to find an expert. Thanks for sharing your find with us and again Welcome to FPN!


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The pen looks like it is made of a very nice celluloid. And it looks like a Japanese eyedropper filled pen. Because whatever is engraved on the nib and barrel look like Japanese, I would want to bet that the pen was produced during WW2. I don't recognize the logo, but maybe someone in/on the Japanese subforum would recognize it and even be able to read the script...

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Welcome to our little corner of the universe from a pen user in San Diego.

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Welcome to FPN from North Carolina. What an amazing find! Enjoy your stay.

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~C.S. Lewis


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Hello and welcome from Indiana!

Please visit my store A&D Penworx.

Brands we carry: Benu Pen, Conklin, Kaweco, Monteverde, TWSBI - Diamine, J Herbin, KWZ- Clairefontaine, Field Notes, Rhodia, Whitelines

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Hello Matthew and welcome to FPN, from Cape Town, South Africa.


Wow - what a fantastic find. Wish I could assist, but this is going to be a fantastic journey for you. Post on one of the sub-forums; I'm sure you will get a few answers there.

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- Winston Churchill

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Hello and welcome to FPN.

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