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Maruman Mnemosyne (Or Others): Perforated B5 Notebook Paper?


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I'm looking for a FP-friendly ruled B5 notebook/pad (spiral or not) that has perforated pages so I can easily remove them and file them. I'm currently using loose, ruled Kokuyo Campus paper, which is great except for it being 20-hole paper.


I liked the look of the Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks I saw online but I can't tell from the pics whether the side-spiral pages are perforated (like top-spiral Rhodia pads are). Does anyone know?


If not, can anyone point to any other ruled perforated B5 pads I might want to look at? I'm looking for something without insane dry times (so Tomoe River is out of the running).

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I use Mnemosyne unlined notebooks as writing paper. Meant to be for sketching, they are landscape format and now have a ring binder top (used to be stapled.) The pages are perforated so that they easily tear off with a faint, narrow margin.


The paper is superb to write on, and I don't mind this faint margin. I just use the sheets in profile format.

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Awesome! I couldn't tell if they were perforated or not. Many thanks Chrissy

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Maruman also makes another line of notebooks called the Spiral Note Basic that has perforated B5 sheets.

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Interesting. The reverse page shot on the JetPens site (I think you can see the pic here, the pad itself is here) has a lot of show-through, which concerns me. On the other hand, JetPens doesn't even bother to show the reverse of the Mnemosyne pad at all... which worries me more! :unsure:

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I use a lot of Maruman paper.


Their Smooth-to-Write imprint is rather good. They have glued pads that are also hole-punched, so you can easily remove the paper from the pad to put them in a binder. I also use their B5 to B4 paper for complex math problems like partial fraction decomposition, where I need the room to keep the equations straight. For FPs, the Smooth-to-Write line does best with fine nib pens, since it can get some bleed through from broader nibs.


The Mnemosyne is one of their better imprints. I use the Imagination notebook (A4 graph) for many of my math assignments. I also use the Mnemosyne vertical notebooks and notepads a great deal, and all of them hold up beautifully with most FPs, even flex nibs.


They have a premium line called Boston Note with paper that is better than Clairefontaine (not an exaggeration), but know that a premium paper commands a premium price: $35+ for a B5 spiral notebook that holds 65 sheets of paper. If you have that kind of money to burn on paper, by all means get it--the quality of it is mind-blowing, but most of us out here can't justify that expense. It's also not perforated. However, I can't say all Boston Note paper won't be perforated, because i don't know if they carry anything other than spiral notebooks with no perforations.

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I'm late to this post, but I thought I'd pass on a bit of info.


I just bought a Maruman paper pad, called a "Report Pad"


50 sheet, B5, 7mm lined No margins, lined top to bottom. Like a small legal pad. $8.00 maybe? I chucked the receipt LOL


I purchased it at Kinokuniya Book Store, which is inside a Uwajamaya, an awesome Asian-food grocery store here in the PNW. They have locations across the country, but, not all of them have a Kinokuniya in them (Not entirely sure on this point.)


They have a huge selection of Japanese stationary there, including Apica, (including the premium notebooks talked about here) Campus, Maruman etc. And, they are expanding that section in the next couple of weeks, and will likely have even more variety.


It strikes me as a bit pricey, but, I can walk in and buy immediately, know exactly what I'm getting, and support a local retailer, of sorts. And, they have a ton of other cool stuff there. Including Moomin, Domo and Maru.. LOL


tvradio, if you are still looking, I can snatch up a bunch of pads for you if you want, and send them to you. If you are in a semi-hurry, it's close to where I live, and I don't really need much of an excuse to go back there LOL


If anyone else is looking for Japanese stationary of any kind, post here or message me, and I'll have a look next time I go back there (probably a week or two, after they get the new stuff out for sale)


They also have hard to find brush pens, and some Sumi-e supplies.

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