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Sec Magia

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My first italian fountain pen - the SEC Magia (magic), that wood artist Stefano Costatini has made for me:



It is made of rosewood that has been specially treated so that ink and sweat cannot harm it . The metal parts of the pen are from sterling silver and goldplated. They are also made at Stefano`s workshop.




The Magia sports a well-tuned, flexible 18 Karat gold nib from Bock in Heidelberg, Germany. It is

mounted on a Bock #6 inkfeed that is screwed-in, so that the nib unit can be exchanged easily.






The Magia works with a standard converter. You can also use cartridges. The metal housing that

covers the front end of the converter is a clever solution. It prevents the wood of the grip section

from coming into direct contact with the ink. Because the grip section is wooden it is recommended

to take the empty converter out of the pen and fill the converter instead of dipping the nib and grip

section into ink. I also wouldn`t use Baystate blue ink or the like with this pen.




Here`s for a comparison the Magia with a few other pens. From left to right:

Pelikan M250, Lamy 2000 and Kaweco Fireblue.




I always wanted to have a wooden fountain pen and have been searching for years. I have found many

fake wooden pens that were completely lined with metal inside, had metal grip sections and were very

heavy. This SEC Magia is the first fountain pen with no metal linings and a wooden grip section. Plus

it has no brass parts but silver. It has a modern design and is a very good writer that feels warm in the

hand. When I got the pen it came in its´ own wooden box with the SEC logo made as wood inlays on the lid.

What I also like about the Magia is that you can exchange the nib unit. There are some online shops for wood

turners that offer the #6 Bock nibs in steel, gold or titanium. And the converter is another plus. When it

ceases working after years of use you can get a new converter for a few dollars and replace the old one. This makes the

pen a product that lasts. It feels, writes and looks great.




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It looks gorgeous. I love how the wood veining turned out to be swaying, slightly curved, but not too much.


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