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Pen Tool Tip - Chopsticks

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I was tinkering with a cap and needed a quick tool to grab the inner cap and hold it in place while turning the tassie.


The junk box is an endless source of inspiration for me, and this time was no different. Basically, I needed something that could be expanded into a hole and then turned (or held in place while turning the hole), and a wall anchor immediately called out to me.


The anchor was too short, of course, but that's what I needed: some semi-rigid material that I could expand at will.


Next stop, the kitchen. Chopsticks!


I carved one so that it could fit inside the cap, but reverse-tappered it, so the end would be thicker than the rest of the stem. And then another piece that I'd use to have the entire contraption push outwards once in the cap.


In order to secure the grip, once the thin piece is inserted, it needs to be hammered-in (a few taps with the edge of a metal ruler was all it took).


If you have to do this in a pinch, like I did, make sure that the thin piece is long enough to protrude from the cap or removing it will be a lot of fun (don't ask how I know this). To remove it, just pull the thin piece with pliers or grab it with the edge of a sharp knife.


Have fun...





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