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Blackstone C M Y K Mix Kit

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Reposting this because I put it in the wrong place before.


Blackstone CMYK Mix Kit

I was sent a CMYK Ink Mixing Kit by Kevin of Blackstone for appraisal.


The Blackstone CMYK Mix Kit is a set of inks, one each of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks, in 30 ml dropper bottles.

The four inks are not as saturated, nor as wet, as the better known Colours of - and Scents of - Australia inks. However, this is not a bad thing. When you blend a couple of inks the result is a subtractive process, and the mixed ink will be darker than any of the ingredients.

Blending is a simple matter with the dropper bottles. Just squeeze the required number of drops of each ink into a container (I use a water colour mixing palette), mix and write. I do my initial tests writing with a dip pen, and when I am happy with the colour, I make a larger batch and put it in a fountain pen.

How do you know how much of each ink to use? Start with Rules of Thumb – Yellow + Blue gives Green; Red + Blue gives Purple; Red + Yellow gives Orange. Start with one drop of each, see what it looks like, and adjust from there.

With just a little effort, I was able to achieve some interesting blends.

First there are the basic four inks, then some blends and their ratios.


Below is a sample of writing of the Royal Blue blend, written with a Jinhao X-750, on Rhodia paper.


The inks seem to be quite well behaved, showing very little tendency to spread, feather or bleed on even poor quality paper.

All in all, I am very impressed. The inks are well behaved, they blend easily, and the results can be quite attractive, and useful as decorative and/or functional (i.e. writing) inks.

I have been using the Royal Blue mix in a Platinum 3776 Medium for the last week as my EDC. The ink performs nicely on pretty well any paper, and the ink is an attractive, and nicely shading, colour.
All in all, another winner from Blackstone.
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