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B&H Red Hard Rubber


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One of the pleasures of looking for vintage pens is that from time to time a pen appears that is stunning but complete unknown.

This is a RHR B&H that came from ebay today. A large flattop with a beautiful color and a nice flex nib. It was bought at the amazing price of $15. :D

B&H looks like it stands for Byers & Hayes. From http://www.pensandwatches.com/Penprofiles.htm I copy verbatim: B&H or Byers & Hayes was located at "68 Barclay St. New York City - Produced high quality eyedropper fill pens many with overlays. Later moved onto medium quality lever fill pens. Produced some nice oversized hard rubber pens, but the nibs seemed to be a little on the small size. Production probably started at the turn of the century and probably stopped in the late 20s or early 30s".


The nib of this pen is unmarked but I would be surprised if it were not gold.

When did the regulation start that required marking on the gold items? This should give us an idea about dating of this pen.

Any information about B&H would be appreciated.


http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b325/azavalia/BH1-1.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b325/azavalia/BH4.jpg



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Hi Antoniosz, beautiful looking pen. Never heard of B & H and as you said, that is the pleasure of looking for vintage pens. You seem to be into flat-tops and that Waterman is a real beaut. Do you have any Sheaffer flat-tops in your collection.

With regard to the gold mark on the nib, I don't know if you have taken the pen apart, but sometimes the mark is hidden by the section and can only be seen if you take the nib out.


Thanks for the introduction to a maker not seen very often.



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(can we have Symbols in the Fonts?)




Hey how'd you do that... symbol fonts, unicode to unicode text, 8 code points... it's all Greek to me ;-)

Good pick up AZ.

You saw the B&H clip on the Sterling; posted to Lion & Pen?

Some info there.


Ask and you shall receive.

Search and you will find.


At 21 min. remaining the second artist nib 325.00... you are a hound.

10 min. ... 350.00

Hammer at 353.00... gee only about 200.00 more than your special price


You dropped 175.00 - 195.00 was it??



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The answer to all life's secrets are found in your own creativity.




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Hi Mike,


It is greek to me too but I have had a problem with it :) cause my PC is bilingual http://www.greekshops.com/thumb/GreekFlagAccessories/flags_pins.jpg


I did see the info in Lion and Pen (see here and here for those of you who are interested).


Yeap I did see the other artist's nib on ebay. Actually I paid a tad lower than the listed price. Al found a small defect on the body of the pen just before sending it to me and he lowered the price. I asked him to keep looking for more defects just in case but my joke was met with silence :lol:. I still can not find the defect he was talking about :) Anyway his stuff is always of high quality and his auctions carry a "rich" premium. His auctions are an educational experience indeed.



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