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Colorverse Gluon Ink Amateur Review


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Colorverse Gluon/Photon ink set!

I bought these from the Hippo Noto website. They currently have a sale on Colorverse inks, so I bought a few. It's not boldly advertised, but right now they're cheaper than anywhere else.

I really wanted to try the “glistening” Gluon ink, so I opened up that bottle first and laid it down on a variety of different paper: The Hippo Noto cream colored book, a Rhodia pad, a Clairfontaine notebook, and some Apica.

The ink performed fairly consistently across all the paper types, with intense light and dark green shading, and a sort of peach colored glisten. It’s marketed as a “glistening” ink instead of shimmering, but you get the idea ;)

Written with a Waterman safety pen.

Tried to show the ink in natural indirect daylight, as well as under some desk lamps.

The stickers are pretty useful for labeling which Colorverse inks are in which pen. But feel free to use your imagination in their usage! :D

Here's the YouTube video of me writing in the Hippo Noto book with the ink:













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Interesting colour and great review! Thank you :)

Maybe I'll try something from Colorverse. I'm waiting for next reviews :)

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Interesting colour and great review! Thank you :)

Maybe I'll try something from Colorverse. I'm waiting for next reviews :)


I'll be reviewing the Colorverse Photon ink next. It's the one that's a packaged set with the Gluon ink. Then I have a couple more boxed sets I'll put up. ;)


I recommend buying it from the Hippo Noto website. It's $5 cheaper than anywhere else. It's definitely one of the smaller stores, but hey, they got Colorverse on sale! :D

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Very nice review! Thank you for taking the time to do this!

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This looks like something Tas and Cyber6 would enjoy.

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This ink, and the string and braine interest me a lot!


The string/brane set is AWESOME. I hate the tiny bottle and want a big bottle of brane now, but string in particular was the star. Great shading, it's like platinum citrus black.


The only issue I have with string is that it smears pretty badly in a wet flex nib.

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