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Hello Sanay! I just checked out your website and I must say, the pens look gorgeous. Holding them must be a pleasure given how wood has and will always trump plastic or metal as a material any day. The price is way beyond my budget but I assume that's also because you import the wood and the process of crafting them must be a unique and challenging process. Can you perhaps elaborate on it a bit?


Congratulations on creating a beautiful product :)

Hello! Firstly, thank you. Yes, it is especially difficult. To begin with, wood cannot be turned on a CNC lathe(an automated one); it has to be done manually. The slightest crack while turning and the entire blank needs to be disposed. I have to vary the sharpness of the tool, along with lathe parameters such as spindle speed, depending on the wood being used, because each wood is different in terms of hardness, density etc. The wood sourcing process is also a bit elaborate, simply because you cannot use "wet" wood for the pens- you need exotic hardwoods that have been well seasoned, sometimes for over 10 years! I use several grades of sandpaper for sanding, and then soak the wood in a proprietary blend of natural oils, that gives it this matte finish, which, in my view, is warm, and perfectly complements the wood. I do not lacquer my woods, and you will find they do not "shine".


Also, the pens are not kit pens, which means all parts, including the section(ebonite) and threads, rings and tubes(brass) are made in house.


Hope I could shed some light on the process. Please feel free to ask me any other questions you might have :)



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