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Does Anyone Know Where To Buy Rhodia Or Cf Notebooks In Hong Kong?

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Hi, so I've recently started using fountain pens and want to take notes for school. I've decided to buy clairefontaine or Rhodia for my notes, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.


Does anyone know where to buy it anymore without importing it? All the threads I've seen aren't updated and thus may be inaccurate. I've checked most stationary stores, department stores but none of them have the notebooks I'm looking for. I've found Rhodia paper in Chung Nam but not the notebooks.


One place I know of is called Parentheses which is a French bookstore They stock clairefontaine and Rhodia but they aren't quite 'right' as the Rhodias are in A4 and I prefer the Webnotebooks. The Clairefontaines aren't also quite nice as I've seen the lines seem to too overpowering (as shown below) and I prefer the ones for taking notes that are either dotted grids or single lines.


Does anyone know of places that stock the notebooks of the mentioned brands that aren't wayyy too expensive? Thanks! :)



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Yeah, I also saw that website but it's an online store. Shipping/Delivery isn't too convenient for me at the moment and I was wondering if there were any more physical shops that sold these notebooks. I've seen the threads online but the most of stores that were recommended before don't stock them anymore.


Thanks anyway though

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Have you checked Eslite, Joint Publishing or Bookazine bookstores?


I remember the Bookazine in Three Pacific Place and Joint Publishing bookstore in Wanchai have some Rhodia notebooks. They are not hard to find.


Alternatively, you could ask a friend or Chung Nam to order the notebooks for you from the Rhodia Hong Kong distributor (http://www.paperagenet.com).





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