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New Pelikan Limited Edition Maki-E Peacock

Fritz Schimpf
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Fritz Schimpf

We have just received word that this years Pelikan maki-e fountain pen will be released in June.

The Maki-e Peacock Limited Edition is, judging by the pictures, a beautiful pen with a hefty price tag.


Here is a picture of this beauty:




The Maki-e Peacock is based on the Souverän M1000 and comes with a medium nib. It will be

available by June 2018 and has a retail price in Germany of € 3.450.- including the VAT.

The Maki-e Peacock is limited to 111 pieces worldwide.


For more pictures and information (in German) please follow this link:



Best regards

Fritz Schimpf



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Man, I feel like the purpose of that horrible silver with diamonds M1000 was just to make this one fly off the shelves. Looks pretty awesome, if only I had the $3k for a pen.

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What a beauty. Elusive, unobtainable, the stuff that dreams are made of.

Love all, trust a few, do harm to none. Shakespeare

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That is gorgeous! :wub:

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OH MY !!! I wish to have that money... I didn't know Pelikan has Maki-e models ? :o :o :o :blush: :blush: :blush:

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While the pen doesn't look to me like a "cheap" pen, I don't find the Pelikan M model particularly well suited to Maki-e. There is too much distraction from all the trim. I prefer a more subtle canvas for an ornate Maki-e application. I guess it is just as well as at this point, I don't plan to spend that kind of money for a pen. But, each to their own; I doubt they will have any trouble selling them.

May we live, not by our fears but by our hopes; not by our words but by our deeds; not by our disappointments but by our dreams.

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Not my cup of tea. I, unfortunately, do not find Maki-e enthralling.


It is the same pen with an expensive embellishment, which is fine if the objective is to display it as a work of art. Another one is the Dragonfly.


I have not yet warmed to the idea of using a pen as a canvas, perhaps a mental block.

Engineer :

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While I love Pelikans, I don’t like this at all, and my wallet is extremely grateful.

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