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Places To Buy Specific Brause Nibs


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G'day all.


I've just come into acquisition of 5 more lovely Brause boxes and would like to know if theres any places I can buy the nibs for them?

Specifically, I bought (quite impulsively) a No. 538F box, but seemingly the nib has vanished off of the face of the Earth online.


Here is an image of the boxes:



If anybody on here happens to be selling them, I would be also be willing to buy some!

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The people at pendemonium are very helpful.

When AAAndrew sees this thread he will have some better advice.






Thanks for your reply! However it seems that both of these sites seem to not have any of the above listed nibs in stock.

I will keep them in mind though if I ever want to buy something. They got good listings, so thankyou!

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While my focus is mainly on US nibs, probably the best commercial source for vintage European nibs outside of eBay is http://shop.kallipos.de/en/produkte/pointed-nibs


The main drawback of the site is that there seems to be no discernible order to the nibs. You just kind of have to go through them page by page.


Or you can try this search string. Enter everything between quotes into Google. "site:http://shop.kallipos.de/en/ Brause"


Good luck


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