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Jinhao 993


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Jinhao 993 - Also knows as the shark pen ..

Cartridge converter - screw on cap .


The first time I wrote with this pen I was shocked at just how butter smooth it was .

Unfortunately the 993 lets you down quickly as you change your writing position and maybe cant or tilt the pen at a slightly different angle .

It very quickly becomes scratchy and dries up ( does not put ink on paper ) ..


No leaks - No burps .. No starting issues ..



Did not like canting 45 degrees Left or Right - Did not like being inverted ..


Same deal after resting horizontally for 24 hours - started ok but same as above .


Obviously had to polish the NIB , initially I started with 5000 grit but it made little difference so I had to go to 2000 grit to effect any change to the NIB's behavior .

I then backed up the work with the 2000 grit by going to the 5000 grit ..


Pen writes much better now .. The smoothness has spread over a larger writing area ( pen angles ) ...

For 99 cents , .... Pen has been cleaned and put away .


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most F or EF nib will likely had trouble writing if twisted 45 degree , I am not sure I understand what you mean by cant or tilting the Pen, after all we usually do not write with the pen perpendicular to the paper surface.

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a salient angle.


a sudden movement that tilts or overturns a thing.


a slanting or tilted position.


an oblique line or surface, as one formed by cutting off the corner ofa square of cube.


an oblique or slanting face of anything.


Civil Engineering. bank1(def 6).


a sudden pitch or toss.

Think 3 and 7 ..

So I am holding the pen at a 45 degree angle from straight and level ...

Yes this is extreme .. Some pens can do it , others can't ( can not ) ..

Some pens can write inverted others can not ...

Its just a test to see how much the pen will tolerate as people tend to hold pens a certain way ..

This one had very little tolerance , until the NIB was polished .

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Never had any issues with finding the nib's sweet spot, it's very wide. Mine came with a serious case of tines misalignment, so it's not for the non-initiated, but apart from that it was fine.

Surprisingly, the cap kept the nib wet consistently, despite the lack of inner cap.

A pity you had issues with the nib and the cap. It's a cute design with a Jinhao 992 nib and a gently sloping Pilot Penmanship/Plumix/Pluminix grip section, ideal for kids and adults alike.


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Pens that force you to hold them a certain way with little or no tolerance for an individuals preferred grip ( Not that great ) ..

Obviously there is an answer = A ball point pen . ( I have plenty of those )


I am as yet to meet a FP that would make me give up my ball points .. ( hmmmm - a nice ball point )

Still , this is an area worth exploring . ( Fountain Pens ) I mean , how else are you going to get ink on your fingers ?

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Has anyone had luck eyedroppering one of these shark pens? I heard a good report from someone recently, buy made a disgusting mess when I tried today.


The body seals well (with silicone grease and O-ring). But ink was flooding outnot of the nib, but *around* the hooded nib, as if the feed was flooding because of a clog. The pen had previously been a dry writer; maybe ink was caked in there. I tried soaking it, but the flood kept happening. I thought I had fixed it, but then ink went everywhere.


I threw out the pen. I am doing laundry now ...


What did I do wrong?

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