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Vintage Brown Marble With Ducale Nib - Help Id. Montegrappa?


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Hi there,


Was fortunate to be given 2 pens from an old relative - one a nice Conway Stewart 58, the other not sure - appreciate your help. My first real experience with old fountain pens, and enjoying cleaning them up and using them.


The unknown has marbled brown celluloid? with what are clearly brass bands and clip. There is a button filler, but the internals - two thin brass strips have broken away.


The nib is stainless with "Ducale" and "4" imprinted. No markings on body


Is this a Montegrappa , based on the Ducale , but the clip doesn't seem to match , although the cap shape/bands look right from 1940's versions. Is it much older? Quite possible given these came with family from northern Italy.

Appreciate the help.


ALSO, anyone fixed such an old button filler ?



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First, welcome home. Pull up a stump and set a spell. Sounds like an early Montegrappa. There was the Old Post Office in Berwick. IIRC they restored lots of pens from that era.


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Thank you , Tex. Great pointer ! Its close to a 334 1/2 or 234 1/2 ....

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