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What Places In Ny Or Massachusetts I Could Go To Get A Nib Ground?


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I am aware of the people online who will tune a nib, but I am kinda impatient and don't want to wait a month to get my pen back. I live close to the border of NY and Massachusetts so a drive to Boston would be about the same length as a drive to NYC.

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Your best bet would be a pen show. Here is a schedule. Long Island was last weekend. DC in August, Boston in September......




These are shows Indy-Pen-Dance will be at. If you are in a hurry and none of these work with geography and or schedule, sending your pen may be your best bet. I found this and schedules of others just by googling pens shows and area (ny,philly, bosto)




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If you can wait to have it done, Richard Binder is usually at the Commonwealth Pen Show in September. You can get your pen done and look for more pen stuff. It has been a great show these last few years.


The 2018 Commonwealth Pen Show will be a one-day show. Show Hours

  • Sunday, September 16, 2018, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (opens at 7 a.m for exhibitors)

Definitely an affiliation with this show... I expect to have a booth. (Is it okay to say that here?)!

“Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, because if you do it today and like it, you can do again tomorrow!”

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I haven't checked out if it's still open, but in Manhattan there's a place called The Fountain Pen Hospital. I'm sure it would cost top dollar, but you may think it's worth it for the convenience. Hope this helps.

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I am aware of the people online who will tune a nib, but I am kinda impatient and don't want to wait a month to get my pen back. I live close to the border of NY and Massachusetts so a drive to Boston would be about the same length as a drive to NYC.



Never used them. But they are in ny and they seem to be open to meeting clients from what I have read on fpn.

In case you wish to write to me, pls use ONLY email by clicking here. I do not check PMs. Thank you.

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Yes -- Joshua Lax (jjlaxpenco.com) is an accomplished nibmeister, and he's in Brooklyn. I'd reach out to him via his site, he's pretty accessible. I know him well, know his work, happy to recommend.




 timsvintagepens.com and @timsvintagepens



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I've never bought a pen from FPH, but I do try to get in there at least once a year (generally at Christmastime when we're visiting the in-laws in Midtown. I've bought ink, a nice 3 pen zipper case (since lost -- unfortunately with the pens IN it :crybaby: -- and a couple of books (when I was there in December I decided to treat myself to the big Parker Vacumatic book, and the year before I lucked into a bottle of MB Leo Tolstoy (they had three and now I'm wondering if I should have picked up a second one...).

They are way Downtown though. Normally I walk over to the subway down and back from my in-laws' but this last time we drove because we were then meeting my brother near where he lives in NJ for dinner. And when it's the middle of the afternoon? Do NOT believe Google Maps when they say going down 7th Avenue is the fastest route.... :wallbash: The traffic was HELLACIOUS....

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth


ETA: It would have been faster for me to take the subway down there, come back and go directly over to the Lincoln Tunnel from 37th.... 7th Avenue was HORRIBLE. Varick Street was WORSE. And then we had to fight our way BACK up to the tunnel.... I think it was the day before New Year's Eve.

Edited by inkstainedruth

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NYC is always busy and packed. I love going to Dallas's in the heart of Time's Square for those huuuuge meaty beef bone ribs.

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FPH is a nice shop and I like the people who work there.


Contrary to their name, however, they do not repair pens on the premises. They used to. They dont anymore.


FPN sends repairs out to one of several repair persons (they would not give me names). Given that fact I would definitely not use them for repair or adjustments at this time.


Stop in to buy ink and say hi? Absolutely! Lovely people!


Leave a pen for repair without knowing whos doing the work? No, thanks.

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I’ll be in Brooklyn in a month and change. Maybe I’ll look up Mr. Lax.

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