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Mallat 585 Vintage Fountain Pen Piston Filler Problem


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Hello, fellow FP lovers! I have a problem with a Mallat 585 (at least I think that is what it's called- it says Mallat on the nib)

It's a piston filler, like many other vintage FP's. When I turn the piston knob I can feel a bit of resistance and then it just skips. But the piston itself never moves. In my country there are no nibmeisters or FP repair services since fountain pens, unfortunately died out in this country a long time ago. I have not found a way to disassemble it so far. I can't take out the nib, or the piston. I am suspecting that the connection between the piston knob and the piston itself is broken somewhere. This was a gift from my grandpa who passed away a bit more than a year ago. If you know if I could disassemble it in any way, please tell me how. For your convenience I will include pictures of the pen itself.

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Sorry, my pictures were too big for FPN. Had to resize and crop them to make them smaller. Sorry for the wait...


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The piston seal looks still functional in my opinion.

I expect the anti rotation key - which prevents the piston rotates during its stroke - is worn or broken.

In this case the piston just slips radially when turning the filling knob and no axial movement occurs

To check the functionality of the anti rotation key one has to remove the piston assembly from the rear in my opinion.

The filler assembly is normally screwed in the barrel

Is the filling knob underneath a blindcap, or is the piston actuated directly by turning the knob?


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I cannot seem to screw the piston off. It turns, but the piston itself doesn't. Normally I would just turn the piston as far up as possible and then continue unscrewing, and then I could pull the whole filling system out. But I can't. The piston itself won't budge, no matter how many times I turn the knob... I tried everything I know about pen disassembly but nothing seems to work.

As for the marking, I inspected the entire pen many times and found a "5" on the tip of the cap. I googled " Mallat 5" but nothing, even remotely, looks like my pen...

Thanks for your help! :)

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If the piston is underneath a blindcap I cannot seem to remove it. I think it's a regular piston filler.

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