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Inky T O D - Ink Pen Paper And Handwriting Musings #2 - What Do You Like About Your Handwriting?

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A few musings. I apologize for the terribly fuzzy, out-of-focus photos —but the weather here in central Indiana has suddenly become extremely Fall-ish, and today is dark, gloomy, and rainy, so there's almost no sunlight today. :mellow:







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HalloweenHJB, thank you for showing us those great inks, loved them all! I can read your handwriting just fine. Your cursive is very similar to what I was taught.


squink, Hello, first of all lovely picture, loved the showcase of the ink box! But can you please take a closer picture of your handwritten message? I have poor eyesight and astigmatism, and I can't read it.


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