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Lamy 2000 Black Amber Rust Spots Or Tarnish Dots

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May I ask if anyone has encountered rust spots on their LAMY 2000 Black Amber before?

I have just kept it in the box or on my desk for some time and the next time I looked carefully I saw spots!

I have tried to wipe it off with a clean cloth but the spots do not go away. Some of the smaller ones go away if i try to scratch it off with my fingernail.

Does anyone recommend any fixes to this?


Thank you!

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Where are you seeing the spots? The metal fingers on the inner cap are some sort of copper or bronze alloy. I have noticed this metal can rub off onto the section.

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Hi Jezza


The dots are spread out throughout body of the pen and even the cap. Actually the covered part where cap covers the pen dont have dots. Must be exposure to moisture or humidity?


I cant seem to upload pics i will do so when i figure it out. (fpn doesnt seem to allow links to google photos)


Did you encounter this as well?

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I found this thread when searching about the exact same thing happening to my pen. Did you ever get to the bottom of it or find a solution?



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I found the solution to this. It's called, Maas Metal Polishing Crème. It removed the tarnish and rusty looking spots from my pen. It looks safe to use because my pen looks brand new.

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Interesting. I've noticed that ink tends to stain the pen, and now this makes me think the coating is quite thin and porous, allowing liquids such as humidity and ink to interact with the metal. It's supposed to be stainless steel, but low quality stainless steel can still develop rust spots.


I'd like to see pictures!

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