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Strange Stylomine Identification

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I found this pen on ebay and I'd never seen anything like it. So of course I had to have it if nothing else than to try to figure it out. The nib seems quite odd to me especially for the brand. It kind of looks like it's semi-hooded? It says Stylomine 303 on its barrel but I've never seen a Stylomine pen that looks like this. Ive swen hooded Stylomines but they don't resemble this pen much as far as I can tell. I was thinking it may be a knockoff but Stylomine is a rather obscure brand for that. Otherwise, it may be a later model near the end of the company? Can anyone identify it? It was listed as NOS but I don't know if that's accurate or not. Either way, it's just an interesting pen in my opinion.





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Like all French brands with the exception of Waterman, Stylomine lost its importance and distinction around 1950. French 50ies pens pretty much look alike. Stylomine`s accordion filler patent ended around 1950 and every brand in France used that filling system from that year on. Stylomine`s slow decline endet in the early or mid-60ies & it`s my guestimate that you have an early 60ies Stylomine, which indeed bears little resemblance to the original hooded nib version, which came on the market around 1949.

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