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Can We Identify This Pen?


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Hi everyone, I was hoping you could help me out.


My Grandfather left me this pen, and all I can tell about it is that it is a montblanc meisterstuck ballpoint.

I can't find anything online as it's a little different to most meisterstucks from what I can see.

It is plane white with the montblanc logo on the top in black and white. Silver trim. Its says "montblanc meisterstuck" engraved into a metal ring in the middle where you twist the top to get the pen out. the bit that makes it different from any that I've seen is the nib has an engraving of a map of all the glaciers around montblanc and the elevations of each. (sorry this isn't very clear in the picture, I had to compress them to get them to upload)


The reason I would like to know more about it is because I would like to sell it. I hate that it just sits in a draw all day when there is someone out there who would appreciate owning it. I also think my Granddad would like to see it being used, which I just don't. The money would go toward a trip to Japan that I'm currently planning and I think that my granddad would feel better knowing that his gift contributed toward this adventure rather then gathered dust in a draw. but because of that I really don't want to get ripped off and for selling it to turn out meaning nothing anyway. Hence why I came to you guys.


Sadly there isn't a box or any paperwork to go with it, my Granddad just used to keep it on his desk. but I think all that stuff got lost after we had to sell his house.


Thank You for any help you can give and taking the time to read this.


Please see pictures attached. post-142432-0-77010700-1522088457_thumb.jpg post-142432-0-01336200-1522088483_thumb.jpg post-142432-0-82113800-1522088506_thumb.jpg post-142432-0-51789400-1522088527_thumb.jpg post-142432-0-66824400-1522088569_thumb.jpg


P.S. if anyone know a good place to sell it to I'm all ears





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~ Da_Daveatron:


Welcome to Fountain Pen Network and the Montblanc Forum.

Your grandfather left you such a lovely heirloom.

Is it anything similar to a Montblanc Meisterstück White Solitaire Classique Ballpoint?

I'm not at all a pen expert as many others are. Perhaps it's similar to what I've mentioned above.

Thank you for showing the images.

Tom K.

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Looks like a Trubute to Montblanc



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Yes, It's a Montblanc Tribute to Montblanc. :) Hopefully the MOP snowcap shows it's authentic, as this pen is heavily copied. -_-

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it would be a quartz star on the tribute to montblanc not mop . I remember it to be quartz taken from the mont blanc (mountain).

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Hey everyone.


First of all thank-you so much for helping me out with this!


I think that it is It's a Montblanc Tribute to Montblanc after looking at others.


the one thing I am worried about now though is its authenticity. it doesn't feel cheap but its so hard to tell with the replicas you can get nowadays. and without the box and paperwork it's so hard to tell, (it's exactly the sort of thing my grandfather would have done too, unintentionally :P ) if it is a fake i'll keep it though.


Is there anyway to tell with just the pen alone?


Thank You again everyone , you really saved me. i had no idea where to go with this.


Dave. L

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Other than comparing it to known genuine examples (and pictures of them), not really. Overall quality of the piece is a good guide, and you should compare details of construction with images you can find online.


You can also bring it to a Montblanc Boutique for authentication.

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