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Quink Mini Cartridge - Alternatives?


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My regular "take-with" pen is a Parker Esprit Mini. It takes Quink Mini cartridges, which are difficult to obtain where I currently live.


Are there any alternatives I could use? I have tried standard international cartridges, but they are not quite right - they don't stay seated in the barrel.


Any ideas gratefully received.

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Lamy and Aurora cartridges are said to work on Parkers, but neither brand makes mini versions.


Other than refilling your cartridges, I can only recommend having someone design and 3d print an adapter from Parker to international standard (something like that), or finding a way to hack a Parker converter into the Esprit.


Last alternative is trying to find a (now discontinued) Rotring Esprit. Same pen, but takes standard cartridges.

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Thanks. I have some Lamy cartridges and Parker converters - will see if they fit.


I have a Rotring Esprit as well, which I prefer because of the international cartridge compatibility. But it needs some TLC on its nib, so I can't use it at the moment. They're both enjoyable pens when they're working; I'm on to my last Quink Mini cartridge though!

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