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First Pen Wrap!


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Just received my first pen wrap in the mail today. Pretty excited! I realized recently that just throwing my pens all together in one bag could lead to scratches, leaks, and other damage. I figured I should take better care of my pens. Luckily, Amazon had me covered with this inexpensive wrap. Its got enough room for all my currently inked pens as well as one ballpoint if someone asks to borrow a pen. The best part is it has a little pocket for extra cartridges, converters, and anything else I might need! And it's not bad looking either!





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Very nice! Keeping pens in some sort of wrap or pen case is very important if you want to keep them in good working order. I do remember, however, when I was in college, I would throw my pens and pencils into my backpack (then without all the fancy pockets - just a single opening) and would have to root around in the bottom of the back pack to find them again. Thankfully, times have changed. This will sound funny, but one of my favorite pen wraps is actually an old makeup brush holder that I found in a thrift store (minus the brushes). After a thorough washing and drying, it now holds 8 pens and a tube of cartridges. I use it when I do my field work. It fits perfectly in the front compartment of my current backpack.

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I like, congrats!


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Very nice.


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I got my first pen wrap in the mail today from Allegory Handcrafted Goods, nice and sturdy. Sharing the discount code I received just in case anyone get theirs : CODE "ThanksMuch"

No affiliation whatsoever, just a satisfied customer.











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Wow, those are cool. I just got a pen wrap from Taccia that I got on massdrop. I loved it the moment I saw it. My puppy really liked it too, I had to keep him away from it.

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