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Ink Shoot-Out : Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz Vs J. Herbin Lie De Thé


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Bo Bo Olson

"""They are capable of producing a wide range of tonal variations, pure art imho, and not the boring dramatic distracting 2-tone 'shading' that some people enjoy very much."""


Middance....I do prefer shading...........""even the boring ...distracting :o ....two tone shading."" :thumbup:

Which I'll take every day and do over boring monotone vivid supersaturated inks.


There are a number of new ink companies I've not tried.........for shading to have become so common as to be boring. :(



I'll have to check that crisper line of SQ over LdT. I like crisp lines and don't like woolly ones.


I tend to like regular flex nibs for shading over nails......but will have to dig out some nails to see which shades better for me.


Semi-flex is a wetter nib and has to be more matched ink and paper for good shading. I'd not tried SQ in those nibs....in the nibs. :headsmack: For ease, I'd probably just use vintage Pelikan, because I could swap nibs.


Actually I just put SQ in my new Marbled Brown 200 EF. :closedeyes: :blush: So was unfair of me, when my memory and a few scribbles in my scribble file, were of a wider nib variety with LdT.

I normally don't do EF, but needed a nicer pen than the 1745 I had in EF, for editing.

Yep, I'm falling down on the job. :unsure:

German vintage '50-70 semi-flex stubs and those in oblique give the real thing in On Demand line variation. Modern Oblique is a waste of money for a shadow of line variation. Being too lazy to Hunt for affordable vintage oblique pens, lets you 'hunt' for line variation instead of having it.

www.nibs.com/blog/nibster-writes/nibs-germany & https://www.peter-bo...cts/nib-systems,


The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.



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