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Ink Swaps Or Meetups In Belgium / The Netherlands


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Hi all,


My ongoing journey to discover my ideal blues, greys, greens, oh well you get the idea... has resulted in plenty of unused full bottles of ink feeling neglected in a drawer over the past year or two.


I'm sure it's the same for all of us, but I'm hoping this forum will allow me to find fans of these inks in Belgium or the Netherlands that would give them a more useful home, and in turn perhaps find homes for a few inks of their own they didn't fall in love with.


The high postage cost for parcels here means it isn't really worth offering these inks on eBay or for sale. I'm sure there are many other users here in the Belgium/Netherlands/Aachen areas. It's a shame there aren't geographical subforums to chat with local users. I am unsure if this is the proper subforum to post this to, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


Have a good rest of the week, here's hoping Spring appears soon...







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Hi TomosW, I'm in the Netherlands and am fairly new to FPs and inks. I have been collecting samples to get an idea of what's out there and have only just ordered a few bottles of inks I really love. Would you be interested in swapping samples?


And spring is here! For now, at least :)

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