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Yapvpp (Yet Another Pilot Vp Post) - Broken Clip/cap


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So my EDC Pilot VP had suffered droppage previously and one morning the innards dropped out.
I followed Richard Binder's instructions to remove the clip/cap HERE, but squeezed a bit too hard :(




Further efforts were successful, but the cap is toast. I managed to reassemble the spring, trapdoor and rubber boot into the steel cylinder.




Using my trusty Emco Unimat lathe, I turned a replacement nose





I started with a small through hole, and once I had removed it from the lathe I was able to use a dremel with a burr to carve out the D shaped hole for the nib. I think it looks great!






If others want to have a go, here is the drawing I used:

(NB the figure next to each angle was the deflection of the point of drill used to pick the angle)



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Further update;
I had not realised the necessity for a clip; the number of times the pen has almost rolled off my desk is legion!
So I had the old clip and thought I could turn some sort of brass clip support. However, a spuddle through my spares bin dug up a steel FP cap that was sacrificed to the VP Gods.
By tapping and cutting I got it to slip over the top of the pen.
I then cut the 2 eyes to allow the clip to fit
I fitted the clip, and the retainer was pushed in with a vice
When I tried to fit the ring over the pen, I was able to press it home with my vice and it is totally secure.
I just wish I had polished it more!




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