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Roller Pen Refill For Uni Ball Lover

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Being unable to find an inexpensive pants-pocketable M nib fountain pen to my liking for EDC, I'm considering a roller pen.


I know nothing at all about the brand and cartridge ink options, but my favorite gel inks are Uni Ball 307 (0.7) black and Uni Ball 207 (0.5) green-black and brown-black. I find that they are smooth, dry quickly enough for my lefty handwriting, and I want a thicker 0.7 line, possibly even going up to 1.0.


My first thought for an inexpensive knock-around pocket roller pen is a Kaweco Sport. Should I consider anything else for the pants-pocket in that price range? I like the look of the Retro 1951, for example, but I'd prefer the protection from a pen with a cap. (Safaris are out because my lefthanded writing style doesn't get along with triangular grips.)


And although I could try a roller ball eyedropper conversion I'm interested in learning about cartridges that can give me the same light touch, smoothness and dark thick line as the Uni Balls I'm used to.



“We could be heroes/Just for one day” ― David Bowie

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The Noodlers Konrad refillable rollerball pen is a great option. It has a twist refill mechanism with which you can refill directly from the bottle. The pen is made from some vegetal resin that makes it near indestructible. The point writes quite broad between 0.7 and 1mm. This will be a great option

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Thanks. I'm looking for a pants-pocketable EDC pen, so it's a bit big big for that, and maybe not as tough alongside keys, as a Kaweco.

“We could be heroes/Just for one day” ― David Bowie

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