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I'm looking to find an alternative to the Pilot G2 0.5mm. Currently, I have a Karas Kustom Retrakt that uses Pilot G2 refills. I really love the pen and the way it writes, but I am looking for something with a smaller grip diameter. I prefer hand-writing my notes instead of typing, and I tend to write a lot. The thick diameter of the Retrakt makes extended periods of writing slightly uncomfortable for me. After speaking with staff members at Karas and JetPen, the general consensus is that G2 refills are manufactured wide and as a result cannot fit in slimmer pens like the Parker Jotter. I've found some incredible DIY guides for making refills fit, but they require a lot of effort and I simply do not have the time during the school week. I looked into Parker gel refills, but they are way more expensive and they are shipped in smaller quantities. Can anyone offer me any suggestions of a similar pen that writes like a G2, has a slim diameter (equal to a Jotter), and has relatively cheap refills? I would rather not buy plastic disposable pens. Any leads would be incredibly helpful. I would also be open to any suggestions for alternative Jotter gel ink cartridges, but I am a bit wary of off-brand ink, and would consider this last. I have a Parker Jotter at home, too.


PS--Not as important as the qualities listed above, but if possible, I would like the pen to be retractable, made of an oligodynamic (anti-bacterial) material (such as copper, brass, or silver) and the ink to use a conical nib instead of needle-point. I'm kind of clumsy and can't tell you how many times I've broken a needle-point and ruined my notes :)


Thank you for your help.



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You may want to take a look at the Zebra Sarasa Grand gel pen. I actually prefer the Sarasa refills over the G2. The Grand is retractable, made of brass, and the refills are conical tip. The only downside I see is that the grip diameter is only slightly slimmer than the Retrakt. To me, the difference in grip diameter is noticeable between the Grand and the Retrakt, but not nearly as slim as the Jotter.


Hope this helps.

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Another one to try might be the Pentel Energel types. in 0.5mm (or 0.7).

The 'new' gel refills tend to be quite wide in diameter,(as you said) so unlikely to fit the thinner Parker Jotter barrel.

Cost is an issue here too, as the refills from all makers run down quickly, and the refills tend to be almost the same price as a new pen.

Also metal barrel pens tend to become slippery if writing for long periods, it doesn't affect everyone though.

One of the best refills I've got, is the Zebra Sarasa in 0.5, but the pen barrel is all plastic, it's the 'Clip' model, no problems at all, but the gel refill won't fit a very slim barrel of any make, but it may fit the bill anyway.

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Thank you all for replying. I'm gonna try the Zebra, as per your recommendations. It seems to be the best option and it's only 13$ for the pen itself.

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