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Open/repair Magic Action Propelling Pencil


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Hi Friends


I recently purchased an interesting telescopic (3 pieces) propelling pencil with what is known as "magic action". The "magic" consists on the tip getting out when the pencil is extended and it is actually not working and I was curious to open the pencil to explore the mechanism and eventually fix it.


If I manually push the tip in and out it moves freely, rotating the tip expels or retracts the led tip properly, that part works.


Problem is: i did not manage to find a way to open the pencil. For sure it cannot screw from to front part (did try hard). The bigger part rotates freely, the smaller and intermediate part instead do not rotate on each other, but I did not force.


Anybody has any clue how to make progresses on this tiny pencil? Also I would appreciate some indication on which model it can be and maker. There are no hallmarks and no writings at all. Searching online I could not find same representations, besides the below link which shows an identical silver version market Perry & Co on the tip.




See attached pictures for my pencil, shortened, expanded and focus on tip.


Thanks! :)




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Fast forward a few years in the future and I'm looking for resources myself on trying to fix a little magic pencil I just got. Did you end up finding out how to fix yours or any resources on fixing it?

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