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Is This Normal For Stub Nib?

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I have install a pilot plumix's nib into my wing sung 698... so far, it perform rather well after i switch in kakuno's feed.. however when writing with the nib, I can feel alot of feedback... I can feel every single stroke, it almost feel like i'm pressing on the paper (or writing with a pencil)... but i'm not...


Is this normal behavior for a steel stub nib? or it is just plumix's nib?



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I'm assuming it's a steel nib with no tipping, so it's probably normal for a Plumix stub nib. The Lamy steel 1.1mm stub nib still has no tipping but it has less feedback.


These are more like cursive italic nibs than stub nibs. Crisp and sharper edges.


You might find that stub nibs with tipping are smoother. :)

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The edge that faces the paper is most likely sharp/crisp. It gets better with use, alternatively, you can smooth it out with some micro mesh to take the edge off gently. Some people use brown paper to achieve the same.

I have few untipped steel 1.1mm (and wider) italic nibs which are awesome and slightly stubby now that they have been used a bit.

That is why for example rOtring Art Pen kits came with a small sharpening stone (to actually do the opposite, as in, make the edge sharper/more crisp).

Steel wears down suprisingly fast and if you want to do calligraphy you want the edge as crisp as possible.

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The steel nib is capable of being butter-smooth. Personally, I like a bit of feedback. My nibs are adjusted to my specific taste. Recommend learning how to smooth your nibs to your taste.




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