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Closing Date (Year) Of The Waterman Montreal Factory?


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Hi everyone,


I know there was a Waterman factory in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the early 20th century but I was never able to find the date of when it closed (the year). I was only able to find out when it started operating and what happened to the building afterwards through Google searches.


I think knowing when it closed to be able to guess what models it last produced would be interesting.


Thank you all very much in advance!

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I don't know if it was the same Waterman's factory as the one which produced ink, but I have ink from the Montreal factory from 1938.


I would presume there was only one factory because all the articles I have read always mention the same location in Saint-Lambert near Montreal. Thanks a lot, that pushes the floor date for the closure up a bit. :)

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I know mid-1940s to early 50s models like the Stalwart were made in Canada (I have one, somewhere), so I'd imagine the Canadian operation hung on until near the end, if not until the JiF takeover.


You might find something on Dirck De Lint's Raven's March website (he's Canadian, and has done a lot of Waterman research), or you could try contacting him directly, via the website, or he's on FPN as "Ernst Bitterman".

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