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A Few Mb Questions


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Hi there,


I have had this Mont Blanc pen for nearly 20 years and I've only started getting back into writing with it after 10+ years of neglect. I've moved around a hell of a lot in the last 10 years or so (a few different countries etc...) and a lot of my things are in storage. I have the box in storage but I can't get to it.


I had a few questions, if anyone is kind enough to answer. :)


1) Does anyone know what size this is? I honestly don't remember the size at all from when it was given to me. I know the details are in the box but that's a few thousand miles away right now.


2) I think I have a medium nib, but I'm curious how much other nibs sell for. I was thinking of getting a bold down the line, maybe with a sort of calligraphy tip or something (not sure what they are called). How much do those run? Can I buy it from MB itself or do I have to buy it from someplace else? I currently live in Paris so things are, to say the least, accessible.


3) How often do you refill your MB? I just started using it again so I have no idea if I should be looking out to refill it at the end of the day? The week? A couple of days? Just curious.


Thanks for any info!


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1. I think it is a Meisterstuck 146 Sterling, from the nineties , because of the two tone nib.


2. Montblanc offers several nibs, ef, f, m, b, bb, om, ob, obb, and even obbb, - maybe I forgot one- , snd you can change. Your nib seems to be the original, so it will not be recommended to change, even more if You notice that there is a two tone, instead, a 3 tone nib.


3. It will depends how much You made a hand write a day. The 146 takes a good quantity of ink. In my case works for more or les a week, taking short notes, and using hard the computer, iphone and ipad ‘s notes app and mail.


Finally, i will recommend a light cleaning of the pens surface not losing the age patina.


Great Pen, congratulations!



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A nib exchange would cost you around 300 Euros, it would be cheaper to buy another 146 used with the nib you want, have them swapped, and then sell the other pen (now with your medium nib) for about the same price as you bought it.


Older nibs have more character, the Broad nibs (or OB) have stubbish qualities and provide some variation. Alternatively you could have your medium ground to a cursive italic, try goldnibs.com in Spain/Portugal

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Very nice pen.


As mentioned, a new nib is an expensive option. However, there are specialists who can work on your nib and completely change the writing experience, you'll find a few threads on the subject if you browse through the forum.


Re filling: it varies from person to person, depending on usage. No hard and fast rules, just fill it as necessary. I think your pen has an ink window (? may be heavily stained) so you can see when you're running low.


And welcome to FPN.

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Thanks for all the information, everyone! It's very appreciated.


I'll look into having it ground to an Italic nib or something then, or maybe do as suggested and get a used MB with another nib and change them out and re-sell the used one.


It's not an urgent thing and I'm just gettin back into writing with it anyway. I started to learn calculus and I've always wanted to do math with a beautiful fountain pen (all those lovely graphs and equations...). :D So I'll look into it and see which is the best option.


I have no idea how the 146 size compares with the regular "big" Meisterstuck. Just curious: are they basically the same size? Or is mine smaller? I wouldn't change it for a resin pen at this rate anyway, I'm just curious how it compares in size.


And I'll definitely look through the forums about how to get a nib ground to see if that works for me. But thinking about writing numbers, I may want to hold off on that idea (I just remembered what I was planning on doing after I wrote the post).

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