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My Pilot Whale...shark

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Maybe I put in one too many puns there, but nevertheless my Pilot Vanishing Point (VP) reminds me very much of this:


Put a little nib in that mouth (and the nib is little) and you have a Kasuri VP!


(Image from Goulet website)


Let me get started in earnest.

The VP never really appealed to me, I imagined it was a terribly slim pen with a clip in an irritating position, a small ink capacity and probably just an over designed and over engineered pen. I thought it was all a bit daft really and felt the finishes were a touch dull. Then they came out with the Kasuri finish which has a vague look (and textured feel) slightly reminiscent of shark or skate skin, but in fact is meant to mimic a type of Japanese traditional fabric. The finish is very cool, robust, nicely textured and tactile with a weird luminescence effect from the light blue against the dark blue. I know that all now, but then I just liked the look of it. Still, I never took the plunge. I figured it would be too slim and too short and that clip would be so annoying.


One day I went to my B&M store and they had a plain black one. At first I didn't recognise what it was. This thing was sort of fat. I wrote with it and the clip wasn't annoying. What is slightly annoying is to write with something and have all your preconceptions blown out of the water and then realise what everyone else was on about when they gushed about this pen. The nib is tiny, but very wet and has a surprising amount of softness. The capacity is not huge (internal converter - pen opens at the middle), but it's no worse than any other Pilot with a converter. The clicky mechanism is clever and works well, the grip is nice, the balance near perfect, the length and girth very satisfying. I decided in that moment to get the Kasuri, and I am glad I did.


The pen is five and a half inches long and the Kasuro finish comes with silver trims which I think works very well and looks nice and cool (in both senses). It is easy to refill and is actually quite a simple design. I never really use clips to secure pens in a pocket, so they are always surplus to requirement for me but in this instance they actually aid the grip rather than obstruct it. The pen weighs 30 grams. It is easy to write with and would make a perfect every day carry pen, especially seeing how robust the finish is. I have had to eat humble pie. So, if like me, you are on the fence and wonder why so many people like this pen - get thee to a pen show or store and try it out!


(Images removed to links because this website won't allow the images)




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I should add; buying this pen direct from Japan makes a lot more sense as you will get it a lot cheaper, even with import duty and postage on top. At least, it did for me.

I would also note that I got a fine nib (which is smooth and wet) but unlike other Japanese nibs, this one was very definitely in the realm of a western fine, which suited me. I'm not sure if this is normal, but it should be taken into consideration if you are purchasing and expecting a fine to write like an extra fine.

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