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Montblanc 136


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Hi, I have this vintage Montblanc 136 Fountain pen. The cap for the pump does not screw in all the way, leaving a gap between the cap and the rest of the pen. I'm not sure if the attached image will be big enough so here is a link to the image as well. If anyone knows how to repair this problem or any advice, please let me know. Thank you.




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Hi, I have repaired telescopic pistons on a 146G and 142, but not a 136... someday :)


I did experience the exact same thing you are describing with both my pens. I realized that I just needed to use some more force thank expected, or rather a tiny jerk. Because I was inexperienced with telescopic pistons, I did not know that and so I left the pen like in your picture for days while I tried to find a solution. Then jerked it and realized this is how the telescopic pistons feel.


I would proceed with caution:

1. Do you have experience with this pen/piston? If yes, then you probably already know how it feels to function and maybe the problem is not what I described

2. Wait for the pros with 13X to reply to this post


Quick question - does the piston work fine?


All the best with this lovely pen

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That is far too good a pen not to deserve the cost of full professional service, the best people for these tend to be in Europe. Francis Goosens (fountainbelle, on here) Max in Germany, Osman Sumer or Tom Weystritch (sp).

Specialist tools are required for the works, which if you do not have them, would far out weigh the cost of time to make them, as against paying one of the above to service your pen.


I frequently service these pens for major UK vintage pen dealers, but actively discourage any works from USA, due to our country imposing unfair import taxes on US incoming parcels.

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