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Monteverde Yosemite Green


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When I first started reviewing Monteverde's reformulated ink line about a year ago, there was not much awareness of Monteverde inks and there were close to no reviews on FPN.
Since then, several FPN reviewers have sampled Monteverde ink, and it has been recognized as a brand offering good quality at a reasonable price, as well as a wide range of hues.
Monteverde touts their "ITF Technology". From Monteverde's promotional material, here's how it claims to benefit us writers:

Fountain Pen Ink with ITF™ Technology
  • Ink Treatment Formula
  • Improves Ink Flow
  • Extends Cap-off Time
  • Lubricates Feeding System
  • Improves Ink Drying Time



Yosemite Green
Yosemite Green is part of Monteverde's standard line of colors. It is a medium-green with a tree-leaf hue.
Clairefontaine paper
Fabriano EcoQua paper
Shading and Sheening
I really like the shading this ink exhibits on most papers. On Tomoe River paper, the ink sheens reddish-purple but this ink isn't a real big sheener.
Tomoe River paper
This ink is a free-flowing, fairly wet ink. I definitely noticed it flowed freely from my Lamy Safari.
Monteverde inks are earning a reputation for being very lubricated, due to their proprietary ITF addititve. That said, while this ink does have a lubricated feel to it, it doesn't seem as highly lubricated as some of Monteverde's other inks, such as Horizon Blue.
Dry Time
On Clairefontaine paper, dry time is about 30 seconds which places it about average for the inks I have reviewed.
Yosemite Green does very well in the feathering test, on this cheap office notepad as well as on copy paper. The Cross ATX with M nib used in this test is a very wet
pen and puts down a generous line of ink on the page.
Ampad office notepad
Hammermill Copy Plus 20 lb copy paper
Yosemite Green performs about average in the bleedthrough/showthrough test.
On copy paper, you can probably get away with using both sides with F or XF nibs. On cheap office notepads, it's one-sided use only.
Ampad office notepad
With the copy paper the ATX feed had been fully primed at the start of writing, as I had just used it to make some ink drops for the sheening test. So this bleeedthrough represents a worst-case sample in terms of ink flow to the page.
Hammermill Copy Plus 20 lb copy paper
Water Resistance
Yosemite Green shows no special water resistance in the 10-second immersion test.
Clairefontaine paper
Comparison with Other Inks
Yosemite Green is in the center, surrounded by some other green inks for comparison. Note that the ink directly to its left, "Monteverde Green" is in fact a separate color of ink also offered by Monteverde. You can read my review of it here.
Fabriano EcoQua paper
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Thanks for the good choice of candidates for comparison.

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Thank you for this very interesting ink review and comparison! ... After all this green is not "my" green, but the comparison is striking... Waka-Uguisu is beyond any doubt for me.

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