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What Waterman Pens Do You Own? 2018 + 19 + 20 + 21


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That makes sense, perhaps the case does date back to when the set was new. I worked on the 2A Canada nib to make it finer in line and brought the nib shoulders back to use it hopefully for some writing practice, it turned out fine although it is a shade thick so mild flex now. 

shalitha33 what awesome new acquisitions they look great and very early, so nice. To the day when Paul Wirt, LE W., and Swan were the main eyedroppers ...cool treasures. 

Regards, Glen

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Posted Images


-Waterman expert burgundy laquer gt cartridges pen( 1990 or something like that) thanks to the identifiers 😉😉

- waterman ideal junior fountain pen black bakélite (1920-1930?) IMG_20210421_190939.thumb.jpg.6701660db3cd7accab34e2786e36de18.jpg






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Man 100 Opera F nib

Patrician Coral Red Stub

Expert Gen 1 XF nib

Charleston Ivory M nib

Carene gunmetal M nib

Exception Ideal M nib

Perspective light blue F nib

Perspective Ombres M nib

S.T. Dupont Ellipsis 18kt M nib

Opus 88 Flow steel M nib

Waterman Man 100 Patrician Coral Red 18kt factory stub nib

Franklin-Christoph Model 19 with Masuyama 0.7mm steel cursive italic nib

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Posted (edited)

I'm new to the hobby (-ish, had a false start 25 years ago) but got thoroughly bitten by the bug.


I currently own 3 WM pens, all vintage:

* Harley Davidson powered by Waterman in chrome w black accents, M nib.

* 2 identical Waterman Hemisphere in dark green, M nibs made for Klinidrape (pharmaceutical company).


They all write very nice, I haven't decided on a favourite - yet.








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I got

2 Hemispheres

2. Expert's (one with Ideal nib)

1 Maestro

1 Carene

1. Exception Silm

1 Perspective 

1 Le Man 200

1. L'talon 

1 Elegance 

I love them all (-:


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This is most of mine....there are a few others that are currently inked or sitting in a project tray.








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@NibHead64 Thats a really nice collection of early watermans. Congrats :) 

Its the first time i'm seeing some of the patterns you have in such good shape.

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Hi all, I'm new here 😄
Just want to share my Waterman collections. All of them are modern variants.


Fountain Pens:
Gentleman Sterling Silver (Barley Corn pattern)
2X Gentleman 23K Gold plate (Barley Corn pattern)
Le Man 100 Opera
Le Man 100 Briarwood
Le Man 100 Patrician Lapis Blue
Le Man 100 Patrician Coral Red
2X Le Man 200 Black
Liaison Dark brown
Exception Slim Black Lacquer ST
Preface Silverplate
Preface 23K gold plate
Preface Brown Marble Lacquer
L'etalon Dark Green GT
Carene Sea Green Shimmer
Charleston yellow
Harley Davidson Combustion Metallic Black
Harley Davidson Horizon Red
Harley Davidson Free Wheel Stormy Night
Hemisphere Stainless Steel GT


Roller Balls:
L'etalon Green ST
Perspective Blue Obsession
Perspective Black ST
Hemisphere Deluxe Silky CT
Embleme Ivory
Allure metallic grey


Ball Pens:
Le Man 100 Opera
Exception Slim Pink ST
L'etalon 23K Gold Plate (Basketwave pattern)
L'etalon Burgundy GT
Preface Red lacquer GT
Charleston yellow


Le Man 100 black
Le Man 200 Rhapsody Altuglas Mineral Blue


The photos below are some of my collections 🙂








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I have just bought a Waterman's Ideal 42 Safety pen ( with gold bands ) But it needs to restore and a new sealing. Looks like a bit challenging  repair for me.

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Oh man, so many awesome Watermans in here - I only have a Carene in the Marine Amber color and I love it.

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I have two now, and one on the way.  My first fountain pen was the Waterman Laureat II in blue marble.  Years later I got a green Amazon Phileas set on eBay. 

Today, since it’s after midnight yesterday, I ordered an Expert in dark red. My brother got one at the local pen store when he came to visit in June. I admired it very much. I found a good deal, and placed the order. Good thing because it’s out of stock at the website now. 

I’ll try to post a photo of my trio once the Expert arrives. 

Posted Image
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  Good to see I am not the only one who finds the Lady Patricia pens interesting.



Lady Patricia jade green and turquoise and moss agate.jpg

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Just a few:


Carene gunmetal, fine nib. C. 2014

Phileas in mottled red, medium nib. C. 2001

Gentleman Deluxe in sterling silver plate with gold accents, medium nib. C.1990

Carene Deluxe GT, in a fine nib. C. 2021


Reasonably well made daily writers. 

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- Waterman Carene Deluxe (F but quite juicy close to M) - Beautiful, solid performer, always ready, a workhorse than nevers leaves you in the lurch. Its an old one from 2012.

- Waterman IDEAL (i am not sure about the model). The most fun to write with pen i own. Is the pure joy of writing. The semiflex is just PERFECT and make the inks shine.



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I have been trialling a camouflage Allure F, but that has gone back now (too slim; nice pen) and I have a blue Emblème F on its way.  Less than half RRP and free shipping, too.  Roll on, Thursday.


On 2/25/2021 at 7:40 AM, txomsy said:

… BTW, it seems that if you have a Parker retailer service close, you can bring your pen within 28 days of purchase and get a complimentary nib swap (which includes B, EB, EEB, BO, and BI). Their web page does not say if it only applies to some models.


This is also the case for Waterman, if it is a current model, but it seems to be via mail, which will be a small additional expense.  (Some customer service comments on Amazon make me suspect they may now be owned by Parker).  I might take advantage of this opportunity to swap to an EF, since I carelessly missed an excellent deal on an Emblème EF in lacquered grey!

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This is a JIF pen. It needs a new ink sac, but otherwise looks good. I bought it cheaply on Ebay.


Can anyone identify the model?




I also bought a Carène, in Amber with a broad nib, recently and am very pleased with it.



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