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What Pen Are You Waiting For In The Mail 2018


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hrm... strangely enough, I don't think I have a 14K pilot that I can compare with... hrm.... another one on my shopping list....

If you're loving the long-short pocket pens, consider the Pilot Elite/e95s. I have a modern one and it's splendid to write with :wub:

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ok seeing as you asked.....


My name's Ned and I'm a Penaholic!


2 X Hero 590's black and gold trim

Conklin Duragraph amber and chrome trim

Conklin Duragraph Purple nights

Conklin Duragraph cracked ice and chrome trim

Parker Sonnet intense red lacquer

Monteverde Impressa rose gold/black trim

Monteverde Impressa gunmetal/red trim

Blackstone Maxim Carbon Fibre and titanium trim

14 Jinhao X 450's that were too cheap to pass up on Aliexpress lol

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