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L'artisan Pastellier Callifolio Omi Osun - Compact Review


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Every time I see it, it has different color. Hue inconsistency is significant in rthese inks. My bottle of Olivastre is almost finished and I just hope the next one I'll get will be identical.

Nice review, Jan.

The Callifolio Omi Osun I have is much lighter, and more like a teal. Personally, I don’t mind too much about small colour differences between batches. In this case though, the difference is really significant, making it quite a different ink.

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I agree; my bottle of Omi Osun is a completely different color--significantly lighter and more green. I think I bought it near the beginning of 2016. Is this the more recent formulation?

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The color difference is too much for me.... Here a link to another (great) review



Bought my bottle in June 2016, and it has always been stored in a dark place.


This is the picture from their website:




If I look at their blue blues, it could be very well one of them...:

fpn_1514363791__bleu_azur_trio.jpg Bleu Azure


So, mislabeled??


I looked further, and found the impressive thread of the Callifolio line:



Then Bleu Atlantique also could be a possibility.


All chromo's are included in this review, except... some blue ones... so I am still not sure...

@visvamitra: do you have the chromo's of the other blues of L'Artisan, and could you post them so that we can find the true identity of this ink??? :-)

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Okay, no problem.

Anyone else out there who could do a simple chromo to see what this color really is?

So I guess it is Bleu Azure or Bleu Atlantique...

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I made some quick swatches and gathered my chromas from the Callifolio Blues:






From the bit of purple at the top of your chroma, I think there might be a match with Bleu Ultramarine.

(Ultramarine and Azur are almost identical, with Ultramarine being a bit more purple)

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Thank you very much!!!

Well, it isn't Omi Osun for sure! :D :D :D


Because of the purple I also would say Bleu Ultramarine. I am only not sure now if I should do a repost under the name Bleu Ultramarine... , do not want to spread any false information

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Thank you all for the comparisons.

Fountain pens are my preferred COLOR DELIVERY SYSTEM (in part because crayons melt in Las Vegas).

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Ink comparisons: The Great PPS Comparison 366 Inks in 2016

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Thank you for the great review, Jan2016! But, I too am very sure that this is not Omni Osun.


I think this is Bleu Mediterranee. While it has the slightly purple in the chroma, it does have the blue-green undertone. Bleu Ultramarine and Bleu Azur are very similar; Ultramarine is slightly darker but both strongly lean towards purple. Also, my bottle of Mediterranee has that beautiful red sheen to it.


L'Artisan Pastellier seems to like to create colors that are very similar with very slight differences, particularly in the blues. My favorite of the Callifolio blues are Atlantique and Mediterranee.

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